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Monday, 23 April 2012

Home Retail Group appoints Atos to run - For Business Account

After a competitive tender the Home Retail Group (HRG) has signed a 4 year agreement with Atos, an international IT services company, for the implementation of a business account scheme to allow SME business customers to purchase goods and services in-store, online and via Argos Direct. The new For Business account card will be launched by HRG’s business to business division, Argos for Business.

Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director of Argos for Business said: “We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers and we are excited to extend this service to the SME market. We are confident that Atos will deliver this service to the excellent standard our customers expect. The For Business account allows businesses instant access to over 35,000 product lines at great value prices, supported by excellent account management tools.”

Iain Kingsley, SVP for Hi-Tech Transactional Services in the UK Atos, said: “We are delighted to add Home Retail Group to our client list, which extends our business account scheme in the retail sector. We have developed an excellent offering in payment services and this contract is further evidence that they can be adapted and tailored to meet the needs of different clients to help them attract business customers, drive sales and therefore gain competitive advantage.”

Atos, a leader in transaction services, will be providing full management of the business account card for small to medium enterprises in the UK and providing an end to end service from application to payment. The scheme will commence in April with a trial across a region of Argos stores.

The on-line account support facility will allow customers to manage their account, control costs and access various management information tools including a line item detail invoice archive.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Atos launches trends report Ascent Look Out 2012+

Atos launches trends report Ascent Look Out 2012+

Atos, an international IT services company, unveiled its fourth edition of the independent trends report. Ascent Look Out 2012+ brings together insights of over 200 contributors from various geographies, business lines and industries across Atos. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging trends, business needs and technologies that will be driving innovation in the years ahead.

The report presents clear and independent market-sector information to help clients make key strategic decisions about their businesses and anticipate new challenges created by the emergence of new technologies now and in the future. Atos looks for continued improvements and therefore offers its trends report for the first time in five editions to better adhere to Atos go to market strategy and focus on clients in five market sectors: Manufacturing & Retail, Public Sector, Healthcare & Transport; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media & Technology and Energy & Utilities.

Next wave of disruptive technologies and innovative business processes
The special ‘Focus On’ section is devoted to the Social Organization that transforms collaboration by combining people connections, knowledge and processes. A new way of working embraces the communication mindset, tools and techniques that consumers are already using for communication and collaboration - like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter - in the workplace. This increases efficiency, fosters innovation and helps organizations to grow.

The coming together of traditional enterprise collaboration tools, content management and social networking will create the next wave of disruptive technologies and innovative business processes and ultimately change the way that enterprises collaborate, both internally and externally. It may even lead to the formation of highly connected and borderless enterprises in the longer term.  Atos sees early adopters who gain competitive advantage from the many potential opportunities that the Social Organization has to offer, like Atos zero email initiative.

Gilles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice President Global Functions at Atos said: “The technology and business landscape has been changing at an unprecedented speed and, as one of the world’s leading IT companies, we have the responsibility to think one step ahead and anticipate coming business and technology challenges for our clients. We are proud to issue for the fourth edition of our in-depth trends report that is embraced by our customers worldwide. Ascent Look Out aims to raise awareness of the emerging trends, business needs and technologies that will drive innovation and we believe that early adopters of social organization tools will gain competitive advantage in an economy where IT pervasiveness accelerates”.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Atos is awarded the `2012 Innovative Payments Trophy'

Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos core expertise in hi-tech transactional services, has been awarded the 2012 Innovative Payments Trophy in the “Customer Experience” category at the PayForum trade fair in Paris for its innovative ‘Cross Channel Payment’ solution. Developed by Atos Worldline, this R&D concept provides a single mobile payment experience regardless of the initial payment channel – web, mobile, connected TV, IVS or call centre. Atos Worldline improves the purchasing process and continuity between channels through innovation.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Atos India SAP Education introduces new courses

Atos India SAP Education introduces new courses in Instructor Led Training mode - BI (Business Intelligence), EP (Enterprise Portal), QM (Quality Management)for more information please get in touch with Uday (, Gaurav ( and Raju (

Atos is the recipient of a 2012 SAP Pinnacle award

Atos, an international IT services company, today announced it is the recipient of a 2012 SAP® Pinnacle award as the Sustainability Partner of the Year. f a 2012 SAP® Pinnacle award as the Sustainability Partner of the Year. SAP Pinnacle awards are presented annually to the top SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP (NYSE: SAP) and driving customer success. Winners were selected based on over 150 nominations in 22 categories received from partners and SAP employees.

The SAP Pinnacle awards recognize the leading SAP partners across a wide variety of categories, including resellers, OEMs, sustainability, technology, support, services and outsourcing. They underscore SAP's commitment to a sound ecosystem strategy, which SAP recognizes as a key driver in delivering unmatched value to customers and enabling SAP to reach its business goals.

ATOS acquires Paris-based online communities vendor blueKiwi

blueKiwi, the small French provider of SaaS-based online community solutions, has been acquired by ATOS for an undisclosed amount. BlueKiwi has a staff of 30 and is thought to have turned over around EUR 5 million last year. BlueKiwi has over 100 corporate clients, including BNP Paribas, SFR and Dassault Systemes, who use its software to set up a collaborative platform linked to external communities. Dassault invested USD 5.2 million in the start-up, and Soffinnova Patners USD 6.5 million. The companies and BlueKiwi founders Carlos Diaz and Christophe Routieau sold 100 percent of the company to Atos. The acquisition is part of the group's strategy to focus on future means of enterprise communications. Atos CEO Thierry Breton last year announced the objective of eliminating all in-house e-mail within three years in favour of instant messaging and collaboration software.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Atos is awarded the '2012 Innovative Payments Trophy'

Paris, 22 March 2012 - Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos core expertise in hi-tech transactional services, has been awarded the 2012 Innovative Payments Trophy in the "Customer Experience" category at the PayForum trade fair in Paris for its innovative 'Cross Channel Payment' solution. Developed by Atos Worldline, this R&D concept provides a single mobile payment experience regardless of the initial payment channel - web, mobile, connected TV, IVS or call centre. Atos Worldline improves the purchasing process and continuity between channels through innovation.
Depending on the original transaction channel, payment interfaces and interactions are often different. Cross Channel Payment lets users transform their smartphones into "Personal Payment Terminals". Cross Channel Payment's innovative power lies in interrupting the channel while ensuring an unbroken user experience.
The advantages of Cross Channel Payment:
  • The solution provides banks, online retailers and other payment service providers with a simple and secure payment process which is standardised across all channels so as to increase the conversion rate.
  • An innovation in payment methods strengthens image and support and increases the number of transactions processed.
  • It allows users to feel secure, confident and reassured in their payment experiences regardless of the transaction channel.
  • Creation of new functionalities, for example, delegating the purchasing act to a third party without having to pass on bank details.
The solution may be offered to banks, merchants and payment service providers who are seeking to innovate and streamline their customer experience.
Denis Faivre, Director of Innovation at Atos Worldline: "This R&D project forms part of Atos Worldline's commitment to continued development of innovations in the payment field. We are proud to have won this trophy as it highlights this capacity for innovation. Users will experience many benefits which are designed to make daily life considerably easier with regard to payments."
Atos Worldline is present at PayForum, the annual gathering for payment professionals, held at the √Čtoile Saint-Honor√© in Paris on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 March 2012. Experts on the Atos Worldline stand will be speaking about innovative solutions including: Simple and strong authentication for sensitive online transactions, thanks to the Smartphone Sea on mobile application, the centralised electronic payment solution, the Central Acceptance solution, which complies with PCI-DSS requirements and independent and centralised payment terminals.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

IT major Atos greening its operations

As one of the world's premier providers of information technology services, Atos is at the fore of driving innovation with several first-of-their-kind solutions for the diverse sectors it serves. And yet, what truly sets this company miles ahead of its competition is its dedicated emphasis on sustainable development, which it has embraced long before 'sustainability' became a fashionable buzzword in corporate-speak.

Leaving no stone unturned

True to the company's belief that every part of an organisation can, and should, contribute to creating a cleaner, 'greener' organisation, Atos's environmental programme is tailored to reduce waste and increase efficiency throughout the lifecycle of its various activities.

The company is targeting reducing its carbon footprint by 15 percent by 2012, from its 2008 baseline, and has already begun evaluating its progress and measuring its success. Further building on this ambitious carbon reduction action plan, Atos is also implementing the ISO14001 Environmental Management System in all its buildings and data centres-it hopes to have close to 80 percent of its structures certified by 2013.

A green, efficient core

Atos holds the commendable distinction of being the first global IT company to offer carbon-neutral hosting services. This it has achieved with the help of a three-step programme that involves measuring and increasing its power usage efficiency, applying the global Carbon Audit programme to its various data centres around the world, and joining hands with The CarbonNeutral Company to offset the carbon generated by its data centres by investing in a windmill turbine project in Thar Desert, India.

The company is also a signatory of the European Code of Conduct on Data centre Energy Efficiency, which aims to help data centre owners and operators to become more energy efficient. Besides, Atos was the first IT company to join the Global Reporting Initiative G3 guidelines-a global standard for reporting on corporate responsibility-in 2009, and has been issuing its corporate responsibility reports in accordance with these guidelines.

Reaching within

As with other IT services providers, Atos operations are very energy intensive. Not surprisingly, when the company decided to 'go green', it first began with assessing its energy consumption, and looking for ways to enhance its energy efficiency. Today, Atos undertakes numerous measures within its offices, all of which are aimed at minimising its energy consumption. These include:

- Use of virtual servers, which also helps to reduce the amount of e-waste the company generates

- Replacing traditional terminals with thin clients, which use only up to 1/8th of the energy used by conventional workstations
- Implementing efficient load balancing mechanisms on servers

- Installing actuators with thermostats in the HVAC systems used in Atos's various offices, so that power can automatically be cut off when the system gets overcooled

- Use of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to reduce the fuel consumed by DG sets during instances of power failure

The company is also concurrently working on several other approaches to bring down its carbon footprint even further. Some of these are:

Using Energy Star-rated printers to reduce the amount of paper wastes

- Implementing a sustainability awareness e-learning module for employees to sensitise them to how they can contribute to the organisation's overall energy and emissions savings

- Continuous monitoring with the help of an automated dashboard, which measures emissions, energy savings and other key aspects

- Green building measures such as heat reduction mechanisms, water recycling, and intelligent lighting systems

- Minimising travel, and hence the use of fossil fuels and the resultant emissions, through effective use of video-conferencing. The company also encourages the practice of car pooling to cut down the amount of vehicular traffic, to and from its offices.

Business with a 'green' heart

Leveraging its years of first-hand expertise in drawing up and effecting sustainability measures with the organisation, Atos has devised a comprehensive 'green' programme for its clients, which it quite appropriately calls 'Firm of the Future'. This programme comprises many aspects, ranging from drawing up a sustainable business model, to enhancing operational efficiency across the supply chain. To facilitate the same, Atos offers its clients a sustainable IT infrastructure, which is powered the company's signature carbon-neutral hosting facility.

For Atos, going green is not as much about throwing in a few sustainable measures as it is about inculcating a sustainable philosophy into the organisation's ethos. And as it continues to reach for even higher eco-friendly goals, the organisation is ably demonstrating how corporations of the future can be both sustainable and profitable.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Still undecided about choosing the right Atos India SAP course?

Decided to do a SAP course but confused about which module to choose? More and more Indian professionals including freshers just off from college or institute are looking forward to adding to their qualifications. This, they feel, should keep their career intact in times of an economic downturn. Plus, as more and more organizations the world over are adopting SAP to streamline their business processes to increase productivity and profitability, demand for for SAP trained professionals is only likely go up no matter downturn or not. So if you're interested to be a SAP consultant but have doubts about what relevant course should you undertake, here's some stuff for you:

 The Application Academy/Technical Academy is the best option for those who wish to gain knowledge and become a Certified Consultant in SAP.
We recommend you: - Application Academy 2003 OR Technical Academy.

Application Academy
TFIN50/52/54- Managerial & Financial Accounting (FI)
TFIN20/22/24- Managerial & Financial Accounting (CO)
TSCM60/62/64 – SCM – Order Fulfillment (SD)
TSCM50/52/54 – SCM – Procurement (MM)
TSCM20/32/34 – SCM – Manufacturing
TSCM20/22/24 – SCM – Planning
THR10/12/14 – Human Resources – Management/Administration
PLM – Project Management
PLM – Plant Maintenance
PLM – Quality Management
Technical Academy
TAW10/12 - ABAP Workbench (Fundamentals & Concepts)
TADM 10/12/51- BASIS (Technology Administration and Technology DBA)
 You may choose to do one of the tracks under Application Academy or Technical Academy.

Undecided about what Atos India SAP course to choose?

Potential SAP Candidates ask questions at an Atos India SAP Education seminar

Check out your next ATOS SAP seminar in town!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Atos India SAP Educatiion launches 18 SAP training batches

Atos India SAP Educatiion launches 18 SAP training batches

Atos launches 18 SAP Training batches to cater to SAP Ecosystem requirements of Certified consultants. So friends, please stay in touch with us to know more.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Atos India SAP Education launches BASIS batches at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad

Atos India SAP Education launches BASIS batches at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad

Good news for all SAP aspirants: Considering huge requirements for SAP BASIS resources Atos India SAP Education launches BASIS batches at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, informs Sachin Diwan, Atos India SAP Education from Delhi. To avoid disappointment from joining an early batch, get in touch with your nearest Atos India SAP center in town.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Who are the SAP Education partners? What Atos SAP courses are available?

Who are the SAP Education partners? I would like to attend courses in India - what courses are available, where and when?

Atos India is SAP India’s Education partner in India with its training locations in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

SAP India has another education partner in India taking care of the west region with its center in Mumbai- Genovate. Details of the Atos India-SAP Training Centers India as below.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Are you attending the Atos SAP Education seminar at Chennai?

Are you attending the Atos SAP Education seminar ?

This year’s event marks the first time that India’s largest authorized SAP Training Partner and leading education arm of SAP in India, Atos SAP Education will provide unique access to the entire SAP ecosystem in one place.

Why you should attend

- Discover latest trends inSAP Education from the top team of Atos
- Hear from SAP Trainers on cert ification requirements among various modules
- Meet SAP Consultants currently employed in various live projects
- Get an in-depth understanding from Alumni of Atos who made the important decision of their lives earlier
- Hiring organizations who prefer Certified Consultants from Atos
- Get visio nary updates on how SAP Education can support your career strategies

Last date registration: February 18, 2012.

For more information please contact Sujeena on 9043941412 or drop an email to

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Atos India SAP Education trains you for future

Atos India SAP Education student testimonial

Does Atos India SAP Education (formerly Siemens SAP) offer customer-specific training?

Atos India SAP offers over 250 training courses across India

Does Atos India SAP Education offer customer-specific training?

Atos India SAP Education (formerly Siemens SAP course) offers over 250 training courses that can get your project team up and running quickly and cost effectively. They provide a comprehensive standard curriculum, and their education experts can even work with you to build training plans and courses - custom-made to fit your specific education requirements.

Atos India's SAP training programs are designed that cover all application, functional, and technical areas related to SAP solutions. Atos SAP can also modify existing courses to suit your specific project. Plus, we can host the training at any of our training facilities, or, if you have the required infrastructure, Atos India SAP can deliver the training at your site.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What is SAP R/3 standard training? What are the offerings by Atos India SAP?

What does Atos India SAP Education (formerly, Siemens SAP course) contain?

The structure of Atos India SAP Education's training program can be divided into three levels:

Level one courses provide an overview of the SAP environment. These courses are intentionally
compact, and provide an initial understanding of SAP products, R/3 applications, R/3 Basis technology.

Level two courses introduce you to fundamental business processes that can be modeled using the SAP System. The courses serve as an introduction to a particular specialist area, for example, procurement, production planning, and so on. Level two courses do not explore the complete range of functions in a given application, but concentrate on key business processes, and on the interaction with other modules.

Level three courses focus on providing detailed information about individual application areas, and
concentrate on SAP Customizing and function description. They usually build on information covered in the corresponding level two courses, and are tailored to meet the requirements of project teams needs. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What are the various SAP R/3 modules/academies available at Atos India SAP Education?

An interesting array of professional modules are taught at Atos India SAP Education

The details for the academy courses, which is most suited for an individual to accomplish his desire to become a SAP consultant, available at Atos India SAP Education (formerly Siemens IT Solutions and Services) are:

Functional Modules: Managerial Accounting (CO) & Financial Accounting (FI), SCM – Order Fulfillment (SD), SCM – Procurement (MM), SCM – Manufacturing/Planning (PP), Human Resources – Mgmt/Admin, PLM- Plant Maintenance, PLM – Project Management, PLM-Quality Management. 

Technical Module: ABAP Workbench (Fundamentals & Concepts), BASIS (SAP Netweaver Administration)

New Dimension Product Training: SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management Strategic Enterprise Management), SRM( Supply Relationship Management),CRM (Customer Relationship Management), APO (Advance Planning Optimiser)

Monday, 16 January 2012

How good is the infrastructure, in comparison to other training centers?

All Atos India SAP Education centres have great infrastructure

How good is Atos India SAP Education (formerly, Siemens IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.) the infrastructure, in comparison to other training centers?

We provide a comfortable and professional learning environment. Each campus has dedicated training rooms fully equipped with the latest computer hardware and software and high- quality audiovisual equipment. Controlled class sizes ensure each student has ample access to training facilities as well as individual attention.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

How does SAP training help? Who can pursue this?

SAP training is for everyone

How does SAP training help? Who can pursue Atos India's SAP education (formerly, Siemens IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.)?

SAP Training develops skills and experience in the practical management and application of technology.

SAP training is for everyone - from everyday users to senior management.

Friday, 13 January 2012

What are the prerequisites to pursue a SAP module?

What it does take to pursue a functional SAP module?

To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial experience in the relevant business function. To take the technical module of SAP you need to be strong in programming concepts. Generally recommended to people with minimum 1-2 years of technical experience.
A candidate should also possess professional qualifications like BE/ B.Tech / MBA/CA or equivalent credentials.

Monday, 9 January 2012

What is SAP training? How different is it? What relevant course should I take?

Clear all your doubts regarding best SAP course today!

The SAP Solutions Academy is the most comprehensive and cost effective training offered for all SAP R/3 and products. Regardless of whether you have an exposure to SAP or not, the Academy offers courses that help to develop and enhance your skills. The Academy delivers a hands-on classroom environment followed by an intensive case study to discuss implementation requirements of R/3 Systems.

The Academy ends with a certification where your acquired skills of SAP are tested and evaluated by SAP, which is a benchmark to enter the SAP industry.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

What is SAP consultant Education?

What does SAP consultant education contain:

SAP consultant education includes:

Early product training -- These workshops and online knowledge products are made available before new solutions or releases are introduced to the general market.

SAP academies --These centers specialize in intensive knowledge transfer that builds skills and qualifications for a wide variety of consultants.

Consultant certification -- Certification helps SAP customers identify and select qualified consultants. 

Certification is often the end result of participating in an SAP academy, but can also be achieved through alternative learning paths.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Atos SAP ATC joins hands with Saraswat Bank to arrange Education Loan to SAP Candidates

Atos SAP ATC (formerly Siemens SAP ATC) has tied up with Saraswat Bank Ltd for arranging Education Loans to its SAP students across its branches in India.

Working professionals who had always wanted to pursue their dream course at Atos India SAP Education (formerly Siemens IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.) but were deterred by finance can now take heart.  Now they can avail education loan for SAP courses from Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd. It has tied up with Atos SAP ATCs across India to assist SAP candidates with convenient Education Loans for their SAP Training & Certification.

Speaking of the tie up with Saraswat Bank for Education Loan, Pontha Banerjee and Chandan Suryawanshi of Atos IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd. said, “We hope that our SAP students will take advantage of this great offer from Saraswat Bank to pursue their dream SAP training and certification from Atos SAP ATC. We encourage anyone to feel free to contact us for any queries. They added that they will start assisting candidates who wish to avail Education Loan to enroll at Atos SAP ATCs across regions.  

Salient features of the Education Loan facility from the Saraswat Bank:

·        The Saraswat Bank will assist SAP students across Atos SAP ATCs with Education Loan for their SAP training.
·        Desiring students are requested to apply for Loan at the nearest branch to the SAP ATCs across India. The good news is that Saraswat Bank is expanding its branches in Central and South India regions.
·        SAP aspirants can now avail Education Loan for SAP Training & Certification program upon receiving an offer/admission letter issued by Atos SAP ATC.
·        The Bank will offer Education Loan up to Rs. 4 or 5 lakh as per course & certification fee structure. Loan will be sanctioned 100% without any prior deposit.
·        Currently rate of interest on Education Loan is 13% per annum for Male candidates. They will offer 0.5% discount to female candidates i.e. 12.5% per annum.
·        Interest amount will start from the date of issue of the payment from the bank. Repayment will commence maximum by 6th month after completion of the course.
·        The Bank will require set of documents such as personal identity proof, financial statements, 2 Guarantors and a letter from Atos. Loan amount above Rs. 2 lakh will require Hypothecation or Security along with the required documents.
·        Atos SAP ATC will issue an admission letter which needs to be submitted along with required documents. Students are requested to get in touch with the assigned Loan Manager for any queries.
·        Atos SAP ATC will keep a record of students who takes Education Loan and updating the bank about their course/certification completion and placement.
·        The Bank will strive to sanction the education loan within a week. In case of any delay the Bank will issue an approval letter to Atos SAP ATC stating the status of Loan request.
·        The list of documents will be informed to students to ensure smooth functioning of loan process and timely enrollment.
·        The Bank will be participating at Atos SAP ATC’s monthly SAP info sessions to explain students about its association and Education Loan facilities.

About The Saraswat Co-operative Bank Limited.

Saraswat Bank is an urban co-operative banking institution based in Maharashtra and operating as a co-operative bank since 1918. In 1988, it was conferred with scheduled status by Reserve Bank of India. The bank has observed good growth during the 2000s with total business growing from 40 billion rupees in 2000 to 230 billion rupees in 2010 (approx. 5 billion US$). The bank has been granted a pan-India operation license by the Reserve Bank. To know more about Bank services and branch locations, please visit 

Authorized SAP Education by Atos India SAP (formerly Siemens SAP course)

Monday, 2 January 2012


Atos India SAP Education (formerly Siemens SAP training) seeks to build trust with you

Atos India (formerly Siemens SAP) SAP training is right for you

Atos India (formerly Siemens SAP education) SAP education prepares you for future

Atos India's SAP Training is very intensive

Our SAP training is world-class by industry standards. You get to trained by a global firm that has set industry standards for SAP solutions.

One-day SAP Seminar for Futre SAP Professionals in Bangalore by Atos India SAP Education

Atos India SAP Education to hold one-day Seminar for SAP Professionals in Bangalore

Atos India SAP Education is holding a one-day Seminar for "Future SAP Professionals" on 21st of January. Around 500 aspiring SAP Consultants in various modules are expected to benefit from this Seminar. An expert Education team of SAP India, Trainers and practicing consultants will address this seminar. If you are planning to take up SAP training soon, don’t miss the opportunity of attending this Seminar in Bangalore on 21st January 2012. Venue details to be shared shortly.