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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What is SAP R/3 standard training? What are the offerings by Atos India SAP?

What does Atos India SAP Education (formerly, Siemens SAP course) contain?

The structure of Atos India SAP Education's training program can be divided into three levels:

Level one courses provide an overview of the SAP environment. These courses are intentionally
compact, and provide an initial understanding of SAP products, R/3 applications, R/3 Basis technology.

Level two courses introduce you to fundamental business processes that can be modeled using the SAP System. The courses serve as an introduction to a particular specialist area, for example, procurement, production planning, and so on. Level two courses do not explore the complete range of functions in a given application, but concentrate on key business processes, and on the interaction with other modules.

Level three courses focus on providing detailed information about individual application areas, and
concentrate on SAP Customizing and function description. They usually build on information covered in the corresponding level two courses, and are tailored to meet the requirements of project teams needs. 

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