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Monday, 7 September 2015

Introducing Atos SAP champions: Certified SAP resources with enhanced consulting skills

Atos is India’s first and leading SAP Education partner and we have been working together with SAP for more than 16 years to create value with our experience, training approach and methodology. Atos, has been a privileged global SAP partner for over 30 years. We support over 1,000,000 SAP end-users and have put in place over 5,000 implementations in more than 90 countries. Our unique heritage and unrivaled global resources ensures that nobody is better placed to unlock the full power of SAP.

Since we have been in this industry for the longest period, we understand how swiftly the SAP education ecosystem has evolved and is progressing. 

We understand that organizations prefer to hire certified candidates with improved skills and expertise that make them immediately employable in projects. To cater to this expectation, we have designed our special offering – the Atos SAP champion program. This program endeavors  to impart enhanced consulting skills to the candidates by updating them about the organization structure, ERP basics, cross functional understanding, learning how to interface between the technical and functional areas, project life-cycle and methodology, and soft skills.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure with high-speed internet connectivity and backup link ensures 100% productivity and cohesive learning environment.

Choose from any of our seven knowledge hubs in India to avail the best-quality training and pan-India placement assistance.

To register now, please send us an email at

Monday, 13 July 2015

ERP Foundation (SAP) - Stepping stone to success

The Training Services Group at Atos India has for the first time, come up with its homegrown training program. This program is a perfect combination of skills needed to learn the best ERP in the world i.e. SAP and relate to the wide consulting experience that Atos faculty provides.

Designed by us, this course takes the candidates through various aspects of ERP systems.

It starts by explaining the ‘Business Organization’, the various functions within and their execution by various departments.

The course also covers topics like:

How organizations are supported by ERP & The main components of ERP

After these generic topics, we then cover the following topics:

  • How SAP fits into ERP role
  • Architecture of SAP ERP
  • Various functional areas in SAP and the way they are mapped to business processes
  • Processes in each major module. This is explained in detail where we explain right from login screen to master data, transaction data, org structure of these important modules. (FI, HR, SD, MM, PP)
  • Moving ahead, we focus on the programming language of SAP i.e. ABAP and administration tools like BASIS
  • We also cover ASAP methodology, how the projects are implemented, how support projects are carried out, various synergies in SAP projects etc. Whether you:
      are looking for SAP end user job or you want to be part of SAP core team or
      want to enter consulting but not able to decide whether the field is right for you
      are project manager in other IT stream and looking forward to manage SAP projects
      are IT manager and implementing SAP in your company, and want to train your entire core team.

For all the above, the answer today is the ERP foundation course by Atos India.

We conducted the first successful batch of this course in Mumbai and received an overwhelming response and a very positive feedback from all the attendees.

Therefore, we will be launching a batch every month at various locations.
Corporates can also send their nominees in our programs. If the team size is huge, we can deliver this program on premise as well.

For further details, please share your enquiries at

         To view course contents: Check this webpage

Friday, 22 May 2015

Growing importance of SAP BASIS certified resources in the industry

The SAP landscape is growing day by day. Every organization running on SAP platforms is engaging with their customers for multiple products offered by SAP.

Usually every SAP customer starts with implementing SAP ERP, but the landscape eventually grows by incorporating additional products like BI, Portal, PI, CRM, SRM and many more products required for sustenance of the business.

Most of the products offered by SAP are on Netweaver stack and BASIS is the single tool used for administration of this big landscape. Leading companies usually have more than 100 servers in their data center running their entire SAP landscape.

These servers need 24/7 support by team of consultants. This team performs various important tasks like :

  • Archiving
  • User management
  • Backups
  • Authorization controls
  • Single Sign on
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Patch / Version upgrades.

and many other critical business activities like these.

For huge landscapes, the smallest of an issue can cause an irreplaceable damage and severely affect business, hence BASIS is always considered as the most important tool for SAP support.

This whole scenario suggests why SAP BASIS is one of the highest paid IT stream.
So, if you work or have some understanding in one of the following roles, then this is your opportunity to switch to highly rewarding career path:

  • Network engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • OS Administrator
  • IT Support Expert

To know more about careers in SAP BASIS, connect with us at

Atos TSG places 250+ SAP certified candidates in Atos & another leading Indian MNC

Super News!! Celebrating the success of our 250+ alumni, who recently got placed in Atos and a leading Indian consulting services multi-national. Many congratulations to all of them.

To create your success story, join hands with Atos India, the most preferred, award-winning and the largest SAP Education partner today.

These candidates were among the 200 candidates hired by Atos India during our Special Placement drives conducted in various locations across India for different modules

There are lot of openings for certified consultants in modules like BASIS, PS, PM, FI, CO etc.
Visit us today to take your career to a new high.
To know more, visit:

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Transform your Consulting Career with SAP BASIS Netweaver

A career in SAP BASIS consulting is very lucrative and offers long-term growth opportunities but to become a successful BASIS consultant, you need to know whether it is the right field for you.

To do this, you need to first understand what SAP BASIS is, whether you have the right skills to work as a BASIS consultant and what do BASIS consultants do.

What is SAP BASIS?

BASIS stands for Business Application Software Information System and is a very niche IT skill that forms the underlying foundation for all SAP operations. BASIS forms the roots of the SAP Netweaver (NW) platform. In other words, BASIS is a module that focuses on the administration part of the NW platform.

What is the DNA of a successful SAP BASIS Consultant?

If you read above, you would have understood that people with IT Administration experience can become SAP BASIS consultants. However, to be successful in this field, there are some prerequisites (either of these):-
  1. Fundamental knowledge of operating systems ( Unix, Linux, Windows) and databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access
  2. 2+ years of experience in either of these fields: Networking, Installation, Implementation, System or Infrastructure administration, Maintenance and Technical Support 
  3. 2+ years of Experience in Hardware and Clustering software 
  4. SAP BASIS or NW Administration - 2+ years of experience
  5. CCNA/CCNP certification
     What do BASIS Consultants do?
BASIS consultants handle the installation, configuration and maintenance of SAP systems. BASIS Consultants are thus, the SAP Technical Architects in the organizations.

Career Graph

The career graph of BASIS consulting will lead you to become a CTO, COO or an Entrepreneur. 

We hope that by reading this, you have a fair understanding of BASIS module and the relevance of BASIS consulting in all companies or the small and medium sized businesses that have implemented SAP. 

About Atos

Atos is an international information technology services company with annual revenues of EUR 8.7 billion and 78,500 employees in 42 countries. Atos has been a privileged partner of SAP and as one of the strongest SAP companies in the world, we drive continuous process improvement that creates outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness, which enables you to move fast and stay ahead of the market.

Keeping this in mind, Atos provides SAP Education services in 6 locations across India. 

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

SAP BI skills transform you from a Grad to a Guru

When reading industry journals or reports to stay updated with the key trends, how many times have you scratched your heads to figure out whether Big Data is just a term, hype or a key trend that is transforming millions of lives around you? Ever wondered why Analytics and Business Intelligence Consulting services are creating a profound impact on organizations around the globe?

The answer to these questions lies in understanding what Business Intelligence is and its relation to Big Data analytics. Business Intelligence has much more utility than just being used for data mining, extracting, reporting and analyzing information. It is a top-notch technology that helps companies to attain and sustain a competitive advantage often, with the help of advisory and consulting services available to them. BI tools nowadays, should be able to analyze Big Data with their analytics capabilities. 

According to a recent news report published by IDG News Service*, IT hiring in 2013 will focus on jobs involving cloud computing, mobile technology and business intelligence. IT projects revolving BI are not just about the tools but also depend on the skills of people working upon them. 

*Source: Hiring Survey, with 1,059 tech focused hiring managers& recruiters responding.

Most organizations grapple with failing BI projects as they do not understand that BI is a specialized skill in itself, and BI consultants or advisers need a well -crafted strategic plan to facilitate interactions between various teams. Consequently, a BI consultant should possess the right amount of Business and Technology acumen. 

Take the next Step with Atos

Business Intelligence has become a "Holy Grail" for value-driven strategic IT projects and initiatives in every organization. BI Consulting services providers and advisory firms realize that, simply hiring people will not make BI projects successful but hiring, training and retaining specialized and multi-skilled people will differentiate them from their peers. 

Atos is one of the world’s leading SAP partners, with almost 10,000 personnel dedicated to SAP projects worldwide. SAP has publicly acknowledged that Atos is one of the world’s largest, most capable SAP partners, and our two companies are working together intensively to develop new solutions based on joint intellectual property. 

SAP's BI solutions are now powered with advanced analytics and analyze Big Data or many petabytes of data within seconds.

Moreover, to implement better BI solutions, a person needs deep subject matter and process knowledge. As business technologists, we offer SAP BI consulting courses to help develop the specialized BI skills.

We understand your training needs and deliver our courses in an ILT mode. Our trainers are SAP Consultants and come with deep subject matter expertise and profound knowledge which helps students to not only solve complex business cases, but also facilitate brainstorming and out-of-the-box thinking for effective decision making. 

With Atos as your training partner, you take steps ahead to succeed in your consulting career. 

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Home Retail Group appoints Atos to run - For Business Account

After a competitive tender the Home Retail Group (HRG) has signed a 4 year agreement with Atos, an international IT services company, for the implementation of a business account scheme to allow SME business customers to purchase goods and services in-store, online and via Argos Direct. The new For Business account card will be launched by HRG’s business to business division, Argos for Business.

Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director of Argos for Business said: “We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers and we are excited to extend this service to the SME market. We are confident that Atos will deliver this service to the excellent standard our customers expect. The For Business account allows businesses instant access to over 35,000 product lines at great value prices, supported by excellent account management tools.”

Iain Kingsley, SVP for Hi-Tech Transactional Services in the UK Atos, said: “We are delighted to add Home Retail Group to our client list, which extends our business account scheme in the retail sector. We have developed an excellent offering in payment services and this contract is further evidence that they can be adapted and tailored to meet the needs of different clients to help them attract business customers, drive sales and therefore gain competitive advantage.”

Atos, a leader in transaction services, will be providing full management of the business account card for small to medium enterprises in the UK and providing an end to end service from application to payment. The scheme will commence in April with a trial across a region of Argos stores.

The on-line account support facility will allow customers to manage their account, control costs and access various management information tools including a line item detail invoice archive.