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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Still undecided about choosing the right Atos India SAP course?

Decided to do a SAP course but confused about which module to choose? More and more Indian professionals including freshers just off from college or institute are looking forward to adding to their qualifications. This, they feel, should keep their career intact in times of an economic downturn. Plus, as more and more organizations the world over are adopting SAP to streamline their business processes to increase productivity and profitability, demand for for SAP trained professionals is only likely go up no matter downturn or not. So if you're interested to be a SAP consultant but have doubts about what relevant course should you undertake, here's some stuff for you:

 The Application Academy/Technical Academy is the best option for those who wish to gain knowledge and become a Certified Consultant in SAP.
We recommend you: - Application Academy 2003 OR Technical Academy.

Application Academy
TFIN50/52/54- Managerial & Financial Accounting (FI)
TFIN20/22/24- Managerial & Financial Accounting (CO)
TSCM60/62/64 – SCM – Order Fulfillment (SD)
TSCM50/52/54 – SCM – Procurement (MM)
TSCM20/32/34 – SCM – Manufacturing
TSCM20/22/24 – SCM – Planning
THR10/12/14 – Human Resources – Management/Administration
PLM – Project Management
PLM – Plant Maintenance
PLM – Quality Management
Technical Academy
TAW10/12 - ABAP Workbench (Fundamentals & Concepts)
TADM 10/12/51- BASIS (Technology Administration and Technology DBA)
 You may choose to do one of the tracks under Application Academy or Technical Academy.

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