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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Atos SAP ATC joins hands with Saraswat Bank to arrange Education Loan to SAP Candidates

Atos SAP ATC (formerly Siemens SAP ATC) has tied up with Saraswat Bank Ltd for arranging Education Loans to its SAP students across its branches in India.

Working professionals who had always wanted to pursue their dream course at Atos India SAP Education (formerly Siemens IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.) but were deterred by finance can now take heart.  Now they can avail education loan for SAP courses from Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd. It has tied up with Atos SAP ATCs across India to assist SAP candidates with convenient Education Loans for their SAP Training & Certification.

Speaking of the tie up with Saraswat Bank for Education Loan, Pontha Banerjee and Chandan Suryawanshi of Atos IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd. said, “We hope that our SAP students will take advantage of this great offer from Saraswat Bank to pursue their dream SAP training and certification from Atos SAP ATC. We encourage anyone to feel free to contact us for any queries. They added that they will start assisting candidates who wish to avail Education Loan to enroll at Atos SAP ATCs across regions.  

Salient features of the Education Loan facility from the Saraswat Bank:

·        The Saraswat Bank will assist SAP students across Atos SAP ATCs with Education Loan for their SAP training.
·        Desiring students are requested to apply for Loan at the nearest branch to the SAP ATCs across India. The good news is that Saraswat Bank is expanding its branches in Central and South India regions.
·        SAP aspirants can now avail Education Loan for SAP Training & Certification program upon receiving an offer/admission letter issued by Atos SAP ATC.
·        The Bank will offer Education Loan up to Rs. 4 or 5 lakh as per course & certification fee structure. Loan will be sanctioned 100% without any prior deposit.
·        Currently rate of interest on Education Loan is 13% per annum for Male candidates. They will offer 0.5% discount to female candidates i.e. 12.5% per annum.
·        Interest amount will start from the date of issue of the payment from the bank. Repayment will commence maximum by 6th month after completion of the course.
·        The Bank will require set of documents such as personal identity proof, financial statements, 2 Guarantors and a letter from Atos. Loan amount above Rs. 2 lakh will require Hypothecation or Security along with the required documents.
·        Atos SAP ATC will issue an admission letter which needs to be submitted along with required documents. Students are requested to get in touch with the assigned Loan Manager for any queries.
·        Atos SAP ATC will keep a record of students who takes Education Loan and updating the bank about their course/certification completion and placement.
·        The Bank will strive to sanction the education loan within a week. In case of any delay the Bank will issue an approval letter to Atos SAP ATC stating the status of Loan request.
·        The list of documents will be informed to students to ensure smooth functioning of loan process and timely enrollment.
·        The Bank will be participating at Atos SAP ATC’s monthly SAP info sessions to explain students about its association and Education Loan facilities.

About The Saraswat Co-operative Bank Limited.

Saraswat Bank is an urban co-operative banking institution based in Maharashtra and operating as a co-operative bank since 1918. In 1988, it was conferred with scheduled status by Reserve Bank of India. The bank has observed good growth during the 2000s with total business growing from 40 billion rupees in 2000 to 230 billion rupees in 2010 (approx. 5 billion US$). The bank has been granted a pan-India operation license by the Reserve Bank. To know more about Bank services and branch locations, please visit 

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